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What are the Benefits of Baseboard Heating

modern-baseboard-heaterHomeowners who do not prefer having a whole-house heating system, baseboard heating may be an appropriate solution. This type of heating enables you to heat individual rooms and as such offering distinct advantages amongst them energy efficiency and installation benefits. Below are some of the reasons you may want to install baseboard heating in your home.

Minimal Installation Space

Baseboard heating doesn’t require any ductwork and as such requires very little space. This makes installation easier and cheaper because putting up a ductwork is labor intensive and costly. Most of the baseboard heaters in the market do not require any mounting and this makes them even easier to set up. Rooms that are frequently occupied such as bedrooms and living rooms are the most preferred when using baseboard heating because the heat is only consumed in these rooms and no other hence lower energy costs.

Quiet System Operation

Most baseboard heaters do not emit noise when in operation. This is because they use convection to circulate warm air within the room, an aspect that pushes cold air down to the bottom without the use of a fan. This eliminates noise.

Minimal Maintenance

As opposed to other heating systems, baseboard heating systems do not require as much maintenance. The reason behind this is these heaters do not have moving parts and the only maintenance that is done occasionally is the cleaning to remove lint and excess dust from the grill.

Safe to Use

Electric baseboard heaters are designed with an auto safety thermal cutout function which turns off the system almost automatically the moment it starts overheating. When the heater returns to a normal temperature, the thermal cutout function reactivates. This makes baseboard heaters extremely safe to operate and cases of burnt elements are rare as long as the cutout function is in place.

Zone Control

Zoning is an innovative attribute in home heating and cooling systems. With zone control, homeowners can group together areas that have similar energy demands so that they can be put under one thermostat for ease of regulation. Instead of heating the entire home at the same level, zoning enables some rooms to be heated to a certain level different from others as per the preferences of the homeowner. The thermostats may either be unit or wall mounted. This zone control capability is one of the top reasons why baseboard heating is considered ideal for retirement homes or apartments.

Baseboard heating systems come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be tailored to fit the dimensions of any room.

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