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Top 5 Benefits of a Ductless Cooling and Heating System

Ductless AC System

Have you heard about the ductless cooling and heating systems? Well, this is a state-of-the-art air conditioning system that comes with numerous benefits. It is designed in such a way that it circulates cool air in your indoor environment without the need of a network of ducts. It is an ideal solution for individuals investing in new homes and business premises though can still be used in buildings with the ducted air systems. Read along for the top benefits of having a ductless cooling and heating system in your home.

Highly Flexible Solutions

Also referred to as split-ductless systems or multi-split systems, ductless systems give you amazing flexibility compared to traditional central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Conventional cooling and heating systems force cooled or heated air through the ducts while the ductless system delivers cooled or heated air directly into different areas in your home. You only need to mount capabilities and access to a power source and the system will be working effectively. With this system, you will cost-effectively replace your inefficient space heaters, window units and electric baseboard heaters.

Saves You Money

When you have an inefficient cooling and heating system in your home, you will be parting with a considerable amount of money every month as a result of hefty energy bills. Ductless cooling and heating systems are smaller than traditional systems and as such require less power to run. In addition, there is no energy wastage since the temperature-controlled air is delivered directly to the specific areas. The fact that you can zone your home and only cool or heat areas that are in use also enables you to save on energy consumption and thus lower utility bills.

It is also worth noting that homeowners and business owners are eligible for utility rebates or tax credits when they install mini-split systems in their buildings. These savings can be used for other constructive things in your premises.

Quality Indoor Air

Sometimes, your indoor air can be more polluted than your outdoor air. This can be so if you do not have an effective air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioning systems provide multi-stage filtration of dirt, dust and other debris enhancing the quality of your indoor environment. This saves you and your family from allergies, respiratory diseases and other illness that may be caused by microbes, dirt and dust.

Easy and Quick to Install

Unlike a traditional air conditioning system that takes weeks to install, ductless system can be done in a day. This is because these systems operate on small pipes that are fixed in a 3 inch hole. Once you connect these pipes to a power source, the system will be up and running and you will be free to continue with your regular schedule.

Environmental Friendliness

These mini-split systems follow Energy Star guidelines and as such they are high energy efficient systems. High efficiency HVAC systems help to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, they have special features such as R410A refrigerant that significantly reduce their effects on the environment.

A ductless heating and cooling system is therefore a worthwhile investment because it will enable you to heat and cool specific areas in your home to their desired temperature in order to provide you exceptional and amazing comfort all year round.

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