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HVAC Service Contract

Whenever you buy home appliances (like Air conditioning systems,
TV…) and vehicles, you often hear the term called service contract (or extended warranty). The seller always suggests you to buy the service contract. Some of you don’t know the exact difference between the AC warranty and AC service contract. This article will help you to know the difference between them.


Warranty is the written agreement between you and the manufacturer or seller to provide after sales services to the Air conditioner you buy. AC Warranty

HVAC Service Contract

HVAC Service Contract

covers repairs, maintenance and replacement of parts in the specified time period after the purchase. Most air conditioning manufacturers or sellers cover the air conditioning compressor, parts and limited maintenance. The cost of AC warranty is normally included in the cost of the Air conditioner itself. Manufacturer or seller has certain conditions and limitation for the AC warranty which is listed in the warranty document itself. If they find that you crossed those limitations, they will simply refuse to repair or provide the free services in the warranty period.

Service contract:

Service contract is also called as extended warranty sometimes. Service contract is similar to warranty which provides the service maintenance for a specified period after purchase, but differs in some characteristics. AC Service contract have to be bought separately which is not included in the actual price of the Air conditioner and have more benefits than AC warranty such as extended time (Example: if warranty normally covers one year, you can buy service contract for more than one year), check Freon charge, clean condenser coil if needed, change standard filters, check electrical System, priority emergency service, accidental insurance, free maintenance, less limitation and conditions and more (these benefits differs with manufacturers and products). This AC service contract can be carried out by third parties who are authorized by the manufacturers or sellers.

How to select the service contract:

Compare the time period and repairs covered between AC warranty and AC service contract. If you want more time period of services or more protection for your air conditioning systems from repairs, choose AC service contract. You should also check how often the particular air conditioner needs to be repaired or serviced and the repair cost. If you suppose to spend more money on repairs and annual maintenance services, go for AC service contract (if it covers those repairs). When buying the AC service contract you should consider accessibility, reliability and reputation of the service provider (if it is a third party). Check whether they offer any discounts (like deductions, combo deals, annual free maintenance…) for service contract before buying it. Take your own time to decide whether you need AC service contract before buying the air conditioner and if you feel you need more protection then, go for it.

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