Expert Air Duct Cleaning

air-duct-cleaningIndoor air can become more polluted compared to outdoor air because it is trapped inside hence allowing accumulation of contaminants. Lots of companies do offer air duct cleaning services but only a few of them do it with expertise. At Sunrise Air Conditioning Repair, we are not only focused on the end product the process as well. All the equipments we use and the other materials are certified and pollutants-free.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Beneficial

There is no doubt that clean air ducts benefit home owners. Over time, the ductwork accumulates dirt, dust, debris and even mold which slowly disintegrate and pollute the indoor space when air passes through the ducts. The effects of a polluted home are manifest in allergic reactions, asthma, inefficient HVAC systems and frequent illnesses among others.

At Sunrise Air Conditioning Repair we recommend you have your air ducts cleaned after every 3 to 5 years or even more frequently depending on the conditions of your surroundings and your financial position. Even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not have sufficient scientific evidence supporting duct cleaning, it advises homeowners to clean their ductwork regularly so as to eliminate mold growth, pests including insects, rats and mice as well as debris or dust accumulated along the ductwork.

When to Clean Your Ductwork

In line with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommendations, homeowners should have experts clean their air ducts when:

  • There are clear signs of excess humidity and mold- warm humid climates are particularly problematic with mold. The moment you notice visible indicators that mold could be building up in your ducts, contact expert duct cleaners immediately.
  • Exposed ducts and signs poor work workmanship-if you doubt the quality of workmanship on your ductwork, it probably wasn’t done right. Poorly aligned, sealed or cracked areas should immediately inform you all is not well.
  • Your home is above 50 years- the mere fact you are living in an older home should prompt you to have your ducts inspected and cleaned regularly. Asbestos are common with the ductwork of such houses.
  • Signs of excess debris and dust- Increased levels of dirt and dust around registers and vents are normally linked to clogged ducts. Homeowners should request for ductwork inspection when these signs become visible.

What Our Experts Do

When you contact our Sunrise Air Conditioning Repair, they will first do an air test to ascertain the quality of your air before proceeding with the cleanup. Using our state of the art equipment, we shall then clean your duct work and rectify any areas showing poor workmanship. This will ensure you curtail possible future problematic areas and unnecessary expense.

The materials we use are not only approved by NADCA but also have low to zero VOC levels. This means your indoor air will not be polluted and your family can quickly settle in without fears of nasty reactions.
Do not wait until your air duct starts affecting your health. Get all the information and help you need today. Contact us today and experience a total transformation in your indoor environment.

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