Coil Cleaning Services

coil cleaningAt Sunrise Air Conditioning Repair, we fully understand the jeopardy worn out compressors and condensers, dirty coils and improper refrigerant levels can plunge your home into. Basically the coil system serves as the heartbeat of your AC unit, when it is clogged with dirt and dust, the HVAC will not work as efficiently as it used to. This would mean higher energy bills and frequent system breakdowns and repairs which can be costly to the comfort of your home and the bottom line of your company. In addition, the lifespan of your coil system will also be significantly shortened meaning frequent replacements which as you may know are very expensive.

Why your Coils need Cleaning

The compression of the refrigerant is by far the most energy demanding operation in an AC unit. The hot refrigerant is then cooled by the condenser and where this cooling is not sufficiently done, energy consumption increases as the pressure from the refrigerant vapor increase. For the condenser to reject heat through the heat exchange coils and the cooling airflow, the coils must be debris and dirt-free.

Since the efficiency of the heat exchange system determines to a large extent the efficiency of the HVAC system, our coil cleaning professionals have mastered the process and will deep clean your air handler and condenser coils. Our cleaning systems have low flow rates and the proper pressure to penetrate all the hidden sections of the coils without damaging the fins.

By removing microbial contaminants, dirt, dust and other debris from your coil system, you will certainly see an improvement in your HVAC operation as well as lower power bills.

Why Hire Our Services

Our coil cleaning services are among the most praised in Sunrise Florida because of how well we handle ourselves and our clients. Our customer service is superb and you will certainly benefit from our customized services. We know that our customers are different and this is why our approach and service delivery plan are flexible enough to meet their needs.

The pricing model we use ensures that all customers are taken care of regardless of their budgets. We are among the most competitively-priced companies in the market offering a wide range of coil cleaning services. We give our clients an upfront quote after assessing the extent of the cleaning required.

Our coil cleaning experts are fully qualified, licensed and bonded. This is important as it clears any doubt and fears of whether they will do an excellent job for you. The materials they use are VOC-free and as such will not pollute your indoor space.

Call us today and have your coils cleaned by our professionals.

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