What are the Benefits of Baseboard Heating

modern-baseboard-heaterHomeowners who do not prefer having a whole-house heating system, baseboard heating may be an appropriate solution. This type of heating enables you to heat individual rooms and as such offering distinct advantages amongst them energy efficiency and installation benefits. Below are some of the reasons you may want to install baseboard heating in your home.

Minimal Installation Space

Baseboard heating doesn’t require any ductwork and as such requires very little space. This makes installation easier and cheaper because putting up a ductwork is labor intensive and costly. Most of the baseboard heaters in the market do not require any mounting and this makes them even easier to set up. Rooms that are frequently occupied such as bedrooms and living rooms are the most preferred when using baseboard heating because the heat is only consumed in these rooms and no other hence lower energy costs.

Quiet System Operation

Most baseboard heaters do not emit noise when in operation. This is because they use convection to circulate warm air within the room, an aspect that pushes cold air down to the bottom without the use of a fan. This eliminates noise.

Minimal Maintenance

As opposed to other heating systems, baseboard heating systems do not require as much maintenance. The reason behind this is these heaters do not have moving parts and the only maintenance that is done occasionally is the cleaning to remove lint and excess dust from the grill.

Safe to Use

Electric baseboard heaters are designed with an auto safety thermal cutout function which turns off the system almost automatically the moment it starts overheating. When the heater returns to a normal temperature, the thermal cutout function reactivates. This makes baseboard heaters extremely safe to operate and cases of burnt elements are rare as long as the cutout function is in place.

Zone Control

Zoning is an innovative attribute in home heating and cooling systems. With zone control, homeowners can group together areas that have similar energy demands so that they can be put under one thermostat for ease of regulation. Instead of heating the entire home at the same level, zoning enables some rooms to be heated to a certain level different from others as per the preferences of the homeowner. The thermostats may either be unit or wall mounted. This zone control capability is one of the top reasons why baseboard heating is considered ideal for retirement homes or apartments.

Baseboard heating systems come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be tailored to fit the dimensions of any room.

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Why My AC Trips the Circuit Breaker When I Switch It On

In many older homes, tuning on the AC may cause everything else to shut off. When this happens, it means the circuit breaker has been tripped. Basically, a circuit breaker is a gadget which protects your equipment, wiring, and even the entire house against an upsurge in electricity. The reason circuit breakers have become an issue in older homes is because the wiring systems in these homes cannot handle the magnitude of electricity that is required to power most of the modern day appliances.

If your circuit breaker trips when you turn on your AC unit, don’t continue resetting the circuit thinking it will pick up. As a matter of fact, forcing the circuit breaker to contain the surge in electricity and never switch off your appliances can even be more dangerous. Instead of ignoring the problem, you need to look for ways of installing a dedicated circuit.

Among the reasons why your AC unit may be tripping the circuit includes:

An Overheating AC

When the compressor overheats, the whole of your AC unit may be forced to shut down. There are many circumstances and reasons why a compressor may overheat but one of the main reasons is when the motor has bad bearings or windings. The excess resistance the motor faces while in operation generates excessive heat. An overheating air conditioner draws more power from the circuit than usual hence causing the trip.

Poorly Maintained AC

When an AC unit stays for long without its annual maintenance check being done, it can easily cause power trips when connected to the main. During a typical maintenance check, HVAC technicians inspect your filters, clean your compressor coils and ensure your refrigerant levels are at the optimal level. When air filters become dirty and condenser coils dusty and loaded with debris, they can trap heat and cause your AC to work extra hard thereby drawing more power from the circuit. In the same vein, if your refrigerant levels are sub-optimal, they can cause your AC to work harder than usual in order to pump out cold air.

Parts Failure

Whenever one of the parts in your AC is not working right, the unit may be forced to pull more amps so as to make up for the inefficiency caused by the broken component. Such a problem can be sorted out by an air conditioner repair expert.

Lack of a Dedicated Circuit

A dedicated circuit is important because it serves one appliance only. Most large equipments including HVAC systems require their own dedicated circuits because they pull so much energy out of the circuit. Most of the homes that were built within the past 20 years have modern wiring installations which allow for modern HVAC systems. However, if you are add a mini split or window AC unit, you may have to install additional circuits. The rule of thumb when it comes to equipment and wiring is – if it has a motor, it should have its own circuit.

If you are living in an older home and you aren’t sure of the wiring system and you are facing a circuit breaker problem, you should contact a HVAC technician who will inspect your HVAC unit, the circuitry and what needs to be done.

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Critical Heat Pump Features to Consider For Year-Round Comfort

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are devices designed to move thermal energy in the direction opposite that of spontaneous heat flow by taking in heat from a cold space and gently releasing it to a warmer space. In transferring the energy from the heat source to the destination known as the heat sink, a heat pump utilizes the same amount of power to accomplish the task.

Recent developments in the HVAC industry have increasingly focused on developing advanced features that improve the performance of heat pumps. This in turn guarantees homeowners comfort all-round the year. The advancement in features makes the heat pumps energy efficient and versatile in operation. Among the key features that manufacturers have been gradually improving include:


These are the core components of heat pumps and which primarily determines whether a heat pump is good or bad. The energy efficiency of the compressor, the durability of its mechanical parts and the quietness of operation are among the factors to look out for in selecting a compressor. Basically, a compressor helps in conveying the refrigerant in vapor form at low temperature and pressure to a high temperature and pressure stage. The force that moves the refrigerant against the gradient comes from an electric motor connected to the mains and integrated into the compressor.

Dual-speed compressors use less electricity because they run at slower speeds almost all the time unless there is extra conditioning required. This saves lots of energy. Scroll compressors are also a good choice in heat pumps because they are designed to last longer than the regular piston compressors. They also deliver between 10 and 15 degree warmer air compared to piston compressors during heating.

Motor Speed

Heat pumps with variable motor speeds help in reducing noise during operation and evens out temperatures throughout your home. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional motors which only run at one speed to match the load. To understand it better, a variable speed motor can be compared to an accelerator pedal which enables the deliver to match and control the speed of the car to the exact needs or road conditions. Based on the load, they can either slow down or speed up. This gives you as a homeowner increased comfort as well as energy savings.

Backup Heating

Every time heat pumps can’t extract sufficient heat from the outdoor coil in order to warm your home, the built-in electric resistance coil automatically turns on thereby giving backup heating. For colder temperatures, you can combine your heat pump with a combustion heating system in order to get the best out of it. When assembled this way, your heat pump will be able to switch to the gas furnace the moment outdoor temperatures fall to approximately 30 degrees and below.


The last thing you want in your residential heating system is heat wastage. To curb this, you can install heat pumps fitted with desuperheaters. These are secondary heat exchangers built in your heat pumps and help in tapping waste energy. This energy is then used in heating other parts of your home including hot tubs and swimming pools. In this way, you optimize your energy usage and get the comfort you need at a budget.

To learn more about heat pumps, contact Sunrise Air Conditioning. We provide Trusted HVAC Services for homeowners in Sunrise and the surrounding areas.

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Best Ways to Insulate Your Basement Walls

basement insulation

Insulating the basement walls in your home is both wise and cost-effective because it can considerably lower your heating and cooling costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy; the savings attributable to R-20 basement insulation in a 1,500 square foot home range from $280 to $390 per year. This is a significant amount that can be used to add value in another area of your home.

The Process of Insulating Your Basement Wall

The first step in basement insulation is establishing your R-value. R-value is a parameter used to measure the capacity of insulating materials to resist heat flow; the higher the value, the greater the insulating power. Below is the U.S. Department of Energy recommended minimum R-values for the different climatic zones:

Walls  Attics 2×4  Attics 2×6  Floors  Crawlspaces

Zone 7  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 6  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 5  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 4  R38 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 3  R30 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 R19 to R25
Zone 2  R30 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R13 R13 to R19
Zone 1  R30 to R49 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R13 R13

After establishing your R-value, you should then choose the right insulation material. There are different types of insulation materials in the market including fiberglass insulation. As such, you should do your assignment pretty well to choose the best insulation for your home. Ensure you take the measurement of the height and length of the basement walls so that you can buy materials that will fit the areas to be insulated.

Should I Insulate both on the Inside and the Outside?

Most homeowners think that the best place for basement wall insulation is only on the exterior. However, to enjoy full benefits from basement walls insulation, you should insulate both the inside part and the outside part as well. The exterior part will require more work as compared to the inside part, but it’s worth every dollar you spend.

Undertaking the insulation work will lower your energy bills, and also provide a significant side benefit; the insulated walls will be less susceptible to condensation and mold. It is of utmost importance however to ensure that the insulation work is done properly because of several reasons. These are:

  • If the basement walls are not properly insulated, they will create a perfect environment for mold and mildew. This lowers indoor air quality and can lead to serious health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues.
  • If your basement is insulated with wood studs against the wall and batt insulation in between, you will have air movement, which can lead to mold and condensation problems.

If you cannot do excellent basement wall insulation work on your own, it will be a great idea to employ the services of professionals. At Sunrise Air Conditioning, we can do an excellent basement walls insulation. Contact us today at (954)-278-3880 and we will be at your service!

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Top 5 Benefits of a Ductless Cooling and Heating System

Ductless AC System

Have you heard about the ductless cooling and heating systems? Well, this is a state-of-the-art air conditioning system that comes with numerous benefits. It is designed in such a way that it circulates cool air in your indoor environment without the need of a network of ducts. It is an ideal solution for individuals investing in new homes and business premises though can still be used in buildings with the ducted air systems. Read along for the top benefits of having a ductless cooling and heating system in your home.

Highly Flexible Solutions

Also referred to as split-ductless systems or multi-split systems, ductless systems give you amazing flexibility compared to traditional central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Conventional cooling and heating systems force cooled or heated air through the ducts while the ductless system delivers cooled or heated air directly into different areas in your home. You only need to mount capabilities and access to a power source and the system will be working effectively. With this system, you will cost-effectively replace your inefficient space heaters, window units and electric baseboard heaters.

Saves You Money

When you have an inefficient cooling and heating system in your home, you will be parting with a considerable amount of money every month as a result of hefty energy bills. Ductless cooling and heating systems are smaller than traditional systems and as such require less power to run. In addition, there is no energy wastage since the temperature-controlled air is delivered directly to the specific areas. The fact that you can zone your home and only cool or heat areas that are in use also enables you to save on energy consumption and thus lower utility bills.

It is also worth noting that homeowners and business owners are eligible for utility rebates or tax credits when they install mini-split systems in their buildings. These savings can be used for other constructive things in your premises.

Quality Indoor Air

Sometimes, your indoor air can be more polluted than your outdoor air. This can be so if you do not have an effective air conditioning system. Ductless air conditioning systems provide multi-stage filtration of dirt, dust and other debris enhancing the quality of your indoor environment. This saves you and your family from allergies, respiratory diseases and other illness that may be caused by microbes, dirt and dust.

Easy and Quick to Install

Unlike a traditional air conditioning system that takes weeks to install, ductless system can be done in a day. This is because these systems operate on small pipes that are fixed in a 3 inch hole. Once you connect these pipes to a power source, the system will be up and running and you will be free to continue with your regular schedule.

Environmental Friendliness

These mini-split systems follow Energy Star guidelines and as such they are high energy efficient systems. High efficiency HVAC systems help to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, they have special features such as R410A refrigerant that significantly reduce their effects on the environment.

A ductless heating and cooling system is therefore a worthwhile investment because it will enable you to heat and cool specific areas in your home to their desired temperature in order to provide you exceptional and amazing comfort all year round.

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Why You Need to Go Green on HVAC Systems

a professional inspecting AC UnitAir conditioning has for a long time been considered non-green as it accounts for over 50 percent of the energy consumption within the United States. It is responsible for tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted each year into the environment. This made the authorities to be more concerned with HVAC systems and ways on how to cut down on the carbon footprint attributed to these systems.

It is possible to have a greener and more efficient HVAC unit without sacrificing your comfort. It is on this premise that HVAC companies are partnering with the relevant bodies including NADCA and Green Seal to deliver energy efficient HVAC solutions.

The Value of Going Green

The notion in people’s minds is going green costs more than the conventional HVAC solutions. However, nothing can be further from the truth because the cost of going green is far much lower than the rest of the options. The only thing consumers try to avoid is the initial investment which is a little bit higher although the rewards come in form of low operating costs. Going green according to research, helps you to cut down the usage of energy by around 20 to 50%.

While most people quantify the value of going green by looking at its impact on the utility bills, at qualified HVAC experts are careful to point out that the real value extends beyond the energy savings. The green air conditioning creates a healthier environment for your family and reduces significantly the fossil fuel consumption. There is also satisfaction which comes in knowing that you are part of creating a friendlier environment for the generations to come.

How to Ensure Green Air Conditioning

Getting advice from professionals who understand fully the concept of green technology and have devised solutions can enable you transit into a greener environment without incurring much costs. Some of these solutions include:

  • Increasing Your Attic Insulation – Adding attic insulation prevents leakage of heat from within the internal environment. This means the heating systems will not have to work extra hard to maintain the indoor environment thereby leading to reduced energy consumption.
  • Installing Radiant Heat Barriers – These thin layers of metal insulation can reduce heat transfer into your attic by approximately 95 percent. This in turn reduces the energy consumed in heating the indoor environment.
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans – Instead of overburdening the air conditioning unit on hotter days, the ceiling fans create a breeze that eliminates excess heat. In addition, these fans distribute warm air within the indoor environment during cooler days.
  • Sealing and Insulation of Ductwork – Any ductwork not properly sealed reduces the cooling efficiency of your AC system. This is because the ductwork runs through spaces that are not insulated such as garages, attics and crawl spaces. By insulating the ductwork, you minimize heat loss.

Customers should also purchase high efficiency units with SEER ratings of 14 and above especially for central air conditioners. For the case of window ac units, those with an EERE rating of 10.7 or higher are recommended.
The size of the units also matters. Purchasing a properly sized unit makes the cooling more efficient and reduces wastage of energy. Properly sized units also dehumidify well because they run constantly without turning on and off regularly.

Are You Ready to Go Green?

Going green has lots of benefits every customer should reap. It is also understandable not every customer has the money to purchase green ac units. In order to make this possible, customers are advised to take even the smallest steps towards green air conditioning. This makes it easy and cost effective because they will not feel the pinch while at the same time they will be making strides toward energy saving.

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Importance of AC in Present Scenario

Importance of AC in present scenario

Sunrise Air Conditioners

Having quality and reliable Sunrise air conditioning services is very important. It ensures that your family or employees are living in conducive and comfortable indoor environments. Air conditioning is among the greatest achievements of man in the 20thcentury. Modern air conditioners have changed the way people work and live in different environments. People who live and work in suburban houses, exploration pressurized modules, glass skyscrapers and high-tech manufacturing structures greatly rely on air conditioning units to ensure proper indoor environments. It is no doubt that these units have changed how man relates with nature. Before the invention of air conditioners, indoor air could get stuffy, hot and unsuitable for human activities. This had great negative impact on productivity among companies and businesses. Families could spend much of their time outdoor since indoor air could not provide them the comfort they need. Today, air conditioning has become a common necessity among families and businesses.

Why you need Air Conditioning

Indoor environments can get extremely hot during summer or extremely cold during winter. Your indoors can also have dust and stuffy air which makes them unsuitable for your family members or workers. When you have extremely cold or extremely hot indoors, the living environment becomes uncomfortable for occupants. People will tend to spend more time outdoors than indoors. In a business scenario, employees will become less productive. They will also leave workplace earlier to go to more comfortable places. This will have negative impact on the performance of your business. A dusty and stuffy indoor air can also have negative impact on the health of your family members or employees. Bacteria and other allergens thrive best in the air that has these contaminants. This results to regular respiratory infections among family members. However, you can avoid all these problems by having an air conditioning system that is functioning properly. There are many providers of Sunrise air conditioning installation and repair services who can help you in keeping your system functioning properly.

Get Maximum Performance from your Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioning system that is functioning properly is very important in cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying and sterilizing indoor air. Basically, a good air conditioning unit enables you to modify air and temperature of a building, a room or structure. People are now able to live in places with harsh climates using air conditioners. Nevertheless, for an air conditioning unit to cool or warm indoor environments properly it has to be installed and maintained properly. With proper installation and maintenance, you will have a system that takes the shortest time possible to cool your home. Similarly, a properly maintained AC unit does not have dust, bacteria and other contaminants in the air duct. This ensures that your indoor environments are always supplied with quality and fresh air. You will also have the best humidity levels in your home or business environments when you maintain your AC properly. The role of an air conditioning unit is not just to bring in air, but also to clean it. Thus, with good Sunrise air conditioning services you will always have a healthy and comfortable family or team of employees.

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Factors to Consider Before Air Conditioner Replacement

Sunrise Air Conditioner Replacement

Sunrise Air Conditioner Replacement

Air Conditioners are onetime investments that many of us have especially during hot seasons. Investing in such relief giving kind of magical systems must be planned well and their repair or replacement considered in case of failure. The size, energy efficiency, cleaning features of the system, environmental protection, air filtering, the control convenience, the noise levels are features that many consider before purchasing the device. However, when it comes to the replacement, it may be so critical that the technological aspect has to be considered. It proves so hard for homeowners who are used to these systems when they fail and thus great dilemma in such situations. You may be confused in such dilemma whether to buy a new system or repair it because it is normally very expensive. The undecided condition whether to repair the system or buying a new one to replace can be well handled if you consider the following factors.

Efficiency of the System

The air conditioner can be repaired if the best professional is available to troubleshoot and do the right thing. However, this may be too expensive than purchasing a new one. It may also never be as efficient as it was before breakdown since there is aging effects. The output will always be lower than when it was manufactured. The new models of air conditioners have been technologically improved and well-crafted to increase the efficiency and energy saving capabilities. Therefore, considering replacement of the system will be the best option. The older models use a lot of energy as compared to the new ones. When repaired, there is a possibility that more energy loses will occur thus less efficient. Sunrise air conditioning specializes in the checkup of such systems and recommends to you what steps to take.

The Condition of the Air Conditioner

A well maintained system will operate normally at all times. But a system that is known for frequent failures and requiring special attention to operate then replacement of the same must be done. Conditioned regular routine of preventive maintenance has to be done to determine if the system has completely given in. If it does not respond to the maintenance done, repair may not bear much fruit. Time may be wasted, skilled labors applied with a lot of funds spend on it but it is not possible to regain the initial operational system. The only option that remains is the replacement with an operational system.

The Air Conditioner Age

Like human life, all systems have a lifespan of operation. This is when most parts are worn out and functioning inefficiently. This causes more power losses and thus expensive. Since the new models are efficient A/C power savers, considering replacement of the older model that is not energy efficient and buying a new Energy kind of Star-certified model will be best option. As the systems age, the functioning power reduces, most parts fail frequently thus it becomes prone to failures. As you continue repairing all the time, a lot of sums of money is spent which may be enough to do replacement of a whole system. Therefore, if the repair cost is higher that replacement cost, why not get a new system which operates at a higher efficiency?
These are the main factors that one can consider with the advice from a reputable company like Sunrise air-conditioning. They help in educating the consumer to the right decisions concerning repair or replacement. In most cases, repair is cheapest for short term purposes but the long term effects are so expensive.

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Who Can Benefit From The Solar Tax Credit

Solar Tax Credit Benefits

Solar Tax Credit Benefits

Anyone who is invested in making sure they have the most efficient air conditioning services and  technology should consider solar power opportunities. The government has now come to your rescue. If you are already scared about how much you will have to pay for the solar power generation you are planning, there are solar tax credits that you can now benefit from. The tax credit ensures you do not need to pay too high for the solar panels. It ensures some money is returned back to you off the amount the amount you spend in procuring the solar panel for your home or business buildings.  And with the rising cost of air conditioning energy costs, solar power may be an excellent opportunity for your homes comfort levels.

Solar power generation ensures you do not need to spend so much to generate electricity. The only possible problem associated with this form of power generation has to do with the initial investment. But once you have bought the solar panel and gotten it installed, you will never need to pay anyone or pay anything extra to generate power supply for your home again. As long as the sun is still up there in the sky, you will always have electricity in your home at no extra cost.

Full service Duct Cleaning Estimates

The initial cost is the exact thing that is discouraging so many people about solar power generation. Many individuals do not even earn as much as they would need to invest initially in solar panels for their homes. But the  HVAC solar tax credits now ensure you are able to buy the solar panel at a cheaper rate. If your income is so low, the solar tax credits ensure you will still be able to procure the solar panels for your home. The savings however will allow individual to branch out into other efficiency AC services like Sunrise Duct Cleanings, new ac unit installs, and other related works.

Different states have different guidelines on the solar tax credits given to members of the public. There are some of these states that can give you up to 50% cut in the real price of the solar panel.  You should look out what the procedures and guidelines are in your state. Each of the states also has its own specific requirements for application. You should find out what is required in your state before you apply for the tax credit.  Discuss with a local competent air conditioning service company information they may have on such energy saving technologies.

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HVAC Service Contract

Whenever you buy home appliances (like Air conditioning systems,
TV…) and vehicles, you often hear the term called service contract (or extended warranty). The seller always suggests you to buy the service contract. Some of you don’t know the exact difference between the AC warranty and AC service contract. This article will help you to know the difference between them.


Warranty is the written agreement between you and the manufacturer or seller to provide after sales services to the Air conditioner you buy. AC Warranty

HVAC Service Contract

HVAC Service Contract

covers repairs, maintenance and replacement of parts in the specified time period after the purchase. Most air conditioning manufacturers or sellers cover the air conditioning compressor, parts and limited maintenance. The cost of AC warranty is normally included in the cost of the Air conditioner itself. Manufacturer or seller has certain conditions and limitation for the AC warranty which is listed in the warranty document itself. If they find that you crossed those limitations, they will simply refuse to repair or provide the free services in the warranty period.

Service contract:

Service contract is also called as extended warranty sometimes. Service contract is similar to warranty which provides the service maintenance for a specified period after purchase, but differs in some characteristics. AC Service contract have to be bought separately which is not included in the actual price of the Air conditioner and have more benefits than AC warranty such as extended time (Example: if warranty normally covers one year, you can buy service contract for more than one year), check Freon charge, clean condenser coil if needed, change standard filters, check electrical System, priority emergency service, accidental insurance, free maintenance, less limitation and conditions and more (these benefits differs with manufacturers and products). This AC service contract can be carried out by third parties who are authorized by the manufacturers or sellers.

How to select the service contract:

Compare the time period and repairs covered between AC warranty and AC service contract. If you want more time period of services or more protection for your air conditioning systems from repairs, choose AC service contract. You should also check how often the particular air conditioner needs to be repaired or serviced and the repair cost. If you suppose to spend more money on repairs and annual maintenance services, go for AC service contract (if it covers those repairs). When buying the AC service contract you should consider accessibility, reliability and reputation of the service provider (if it is a third party). Check whether they offer any discounts (like deductions, combo deals, annual free maintenance…) for service contract before buying it. Take your own time to decide whether you need AC service contract before buying the air conditioner and if you feel you need more protection then, go for it.

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