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Best Ways to Insulate Your Basement Walls

basement insulation

Insulating the basement walls in your home is both wise and cost-effective because it can considerably lower your heating and cooling costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy; the savings attributable to R-20 basement insulation in a 1,500 square foot home range from $280 to $390 per year. This is a significant amount that can be used to add value in another area of your home.

The Process of Insulating Your Basement Wall

The first step in basement insulation is establishing your R-value. R-value is a parameter used to measure the capacity of insulating materials to resist heat flow; the higher the value, the greater the insulating power. Below is the U.S. Department of Energy recommended minimum R-values for the different climatic zones:

Walls  Attics 2×4  Attics 2×6  Floors  Crawlspaces

Zone 7  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 6  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 5  R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 4  R38 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Zone 3  R30 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 R19 to R25
Zone 2  R30 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R13 R13 to R19
Zone 1  R30 to R49 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R13 R13

After establishing your R-value, you should then choose the right insulation material. There are different types of insulation materials in the market including fiberglass insulation. As such, you should do your assignment pretty well to choose the best insulation for your home. Ensure you take the measurement of the height and length of the basement walls so that you can buy materials that will fit the areas to be insulated.

Should I Insulate both on the Inside and the Outside?

Most homeowners think that the best place for basement wall insulation is only on the exterior. However, to enjoy full benefits from basement walls insulation, you should insulate both the inside part and the outside part as well. The exterior part will require more work as compared to the inside part, but it’s worth every dollar you spend.

Undertaking the insulation work will lower your energy bills, and also provide a significant side benefit; the insulated walls will be less susceptible to condensation and mold. It is of utmost importance however to ensure that the insulation work is done properly because of several reasons. These are:

  • If the basement walls are not properly insulated, they will create a perfect environment for mold and mildew. This lowers indoor air quality and can lead to serious health problems such as allergies and respiratory issues.
  • If your basement is insulated with wood studs against the wall and batt insulation in between, you will have air movement, which can lead to mold and condensation problems.

If you cannot do excellent basement wall insulation work on your own, it will be a great idea to employ the services of professionals. At Sunrise Air Conditioning, we can do an excellent basement walls insulation. Contact us today at (954)-278-3880 and we will be at your service!

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